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Our herd of alpacas reflects the variety of natural colours available from alpaca fleece. There are 22 recognised different shades from black through grey to white, creams, ivory and many shades of brown from the darkest, bitter chocolate through to the lightest cafe latte. With such a varied palette of natural colours we do not want to compromise the integrity of the fleece with manmade dyes, we only have spun the fleece as it is shorn from the alpaca, after grading by hand into the blanket fibre and seconds. Only the best quality blanket fibre is sent to the mill for spinning to produce our luxurious alpaca yarn.

Alpaca yarn has a smooth non iritating feel and is lighter and softer than cashmere, while being stronger, warmer and much more durable than wool. This organic fibre is free from lanolin and dander making it hypoallergenic, perfect for those with wool allergies and babies. Its unique nature makes each item less likely to pill or wrinkle.

Once knitted up, to care for your alpaca garment, we recommend that you will need to wash by hand in a gentle soap solution, eg lux flakes, stergene or woolite and dry flat.

Alpaca Yarn for Sale

Available for sale in 50g balls approx double knit weight is our fudge colour yarn @ 9.00 per ball plus post & packing. Please telephone with your requirements : 01725 519411

Fudge is a CWL limited edition yarn, blended from several of our alpacas. Please order sufficient to complete your pattern as these are natural colours we cannot guarantee colour match once sold.

Fudge Colour Yarn

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