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Stud Services from Cherwell Leys : Romeo

Romeo was working as a stud at Cherwell Leys during the summer of 2006. His first cria are now on the ground at Cherwell Leys. We were very excited to see his offspring, as Romeo has very dense fleece qualities coupled with a strong crimp, and he has not disappointed us. His offspring have excellent fleece coverage showing density and coverage right down to their toes. Their blanket has soft handle and plenty of crimp continuing up into their bonnets and down their legs. Romeo was first prize winner at Kenilworth 2006 in the Adult Male Fawn Class. Romeo is a gentle alpaca with a lovely nature and very keen to please. So far most of Romeo's progeny have taken the colouring of the dam, he has produced a white from a white and black from a black.

On Farm Mating @ 600.00 plus VAT
Drive By Mating @ 500.00 plus VAT

Romeo's birth date 01.06.2004
Romeo is light fawn.

His Sire is Atlantic (EP Cambridge) Macho.
Macho has sired many prize winners at shows throughout the country.

His Dam is Atlantic (EP Cambridge) Chanel.
Chanel is here at Cherwell Leys and has herself produced Cherwell Leys Cressida 5th placed Junior White in a large class at the BAS Spring Show 2007

Please telephone Graham or Kathy for details or to arrange a visit to view Romeo at Cherwell Leys. Telephone : 01725 519411

Romeo's Progeny 2007 here to view at Cherwell Leys :

Romeo has produced cria during 2007 that have taken their Dam's colouring, we have Ebony, from Ariadne, a black Dam and Duke from Juliet, a white Dam. Their fleece is showing excellent coverage of fine fibre right down to their toes (like their Sire, Romeo). Crimp is throughout the blanket and extending up into the bonnet and down their legs. Soft to the touch with density, again attributes passed on from their Sire, Romeo.













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